Saturday, March 5, 2022

Why Paracord?

 Now that I have more time to work on projects I have been doing a lot with paracord for hunting products. It was brought to my attention not everyone knows what the craze is about paracord. A lot of people like it because it looks "cool" and "tactical" but the reality is it is one of the most versatile cords you could carry with you. For instance the survival bracelet you can find under the Country Creations post is more than just a fancy compass clip that can start a fire if you need to it also is approximately 6 feet of 550 paracord when it is unwrapped. Why is that so important? Because the "550" stands for 550 lbs of force that the cord can withstand. That's right that ~1/4cm strand can hold 550 pounds on its own so when it is braided like the dog leashes you can also find it will hold ~ 2200 lbs of force. 

    Here are a few snips from google articles as well to sum up the benefits of paracord:

"Paracord can always be braided or doubled up for extra strength or deconstructed for finer thread, making it incredibly versatile. Its ends can melted or crimped to prevent fraying, and its nylon construction can withstand nature's elements, making it the go-to survival tool in emergency preparation kits."

"Is paracord the same as rope?

Paracord is about 3/16 of an inch in diameter, which makes it thick enough to securely hold up to 550 pounds without breaking. ... Tactical rope is smaller than paracord, measuring in at about 3/32 of an inch in diameter. This makes tactical rope ideal for tying knots or making lanyards or survival bracelets"

"10 Ways to Use Paracord in a Survival Situation
  • Cut Through Zip Ties. ...
  • Burn It Up. ...
  • Keep Bears at Bay. ...
  • Make a Fire. ...
  • Build a Survival Bow. ...
  • Try a Paracord Trap. ...
  • Go Fish. ...
  • Lure Them In."

Link for reference attached to this last one because there may be additional questions on some of those uses!

There are so many uses and good reasons why any outdoorsman, camper, hiker or nature lover should keep paracord on them when in the woods!

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Country Creations

                           Country Creations

    Current Inventory / Services ~~

All orders are subject to a $7 shipping and handling fee unless otherwise specified on certain items

Please email to place orders

Custom Trapper Hat- 

Tanned fur must be provided for this service. I am capable of making beautiful flannel or fur lined trapper hats with any tanned fur provided by the purchaser. Please make sure your hides are in good condition and have been appropriately tanned. Unworkable furs will be returned to the customer, this would include hides too thin or pelts releasing hair too easily. Example of a flannel lined trapper hat that was pieced together with five different pelts from various animals from a trapper in North Carolina. Merino wool can also be used for an additional cost. Please email for pricing .




Two Drop Call Lanyard ~~

These two drop call paracord lanyards can be made in any color available through Paracord Planet they are $20 each and additional $2.50 for every two additional drops requested. Standard shipping applies. Here are a few examples of lanyards made previously. All Paracord Planet Cord is made in the USA! 

Breakaway Cotton Lanyard ~~

These breakaway cotton lanyards are great for any office worker, sporting cute designs and matching wristlets they will be sure to add a little color to your day! As more patterns are available I will upload photos here! Lanyards - $12 / Wristlet - $5/ Both -$15 plus shipping

Fishing Rod Ties ~~

These ties are excellent for breaking down rods for travel! No need to fight a rubber band or hair tie over your rods anymore. These ties are adjustable, just slide them on and cinche them up with the cobra woven paracord knot on the slip cord. Fishermen at the Pulaksi River love them and pay upwards of $25 a set! But you can get them here for just $7 with reduced shipping of $2 if shipped alone. These are also made with Paracord Planet cord and can be custom ordered!

Survival Bracelet ~~

These survival bracelets are made to order so please be sure you measure your wrist correctly. Use either a piece of string or fabric tape for an accurate measurement. All measurements will have ~1.5" added to account for the bulkiness of the cord once it is braided and the clip. DO NOT add the additional 1.5" to your measurement I will do that when I start braiding the cord.  As with all the other paracord items these come in all colors available through Paracord Planet. Each bracelet has a survival clip that has a whistle, compass and flint and steel. Custom Bracelet- $15 plus shipping

Flint and steel is located in the center of the clips when open

Custom Leash and/or Wrapped Collar ~~

These paracord leashes are made to order and can be up to 12' long (check cord style for tracking) or short control style at 24". Depending on length the price will vary between $15 and $45- check cord style being $45, standard 4' leash $15 and control leash $25 as it will be double cobra weave wrapped for security. All wrapped collars are the price of chosen collar and $10 to wrap. All leashes and collars can be customized with any two colors from paracord planet. $7 shipping applies to orders under $30. 

Check cord and wrapped collar

Heavy duty matte black clip reinforced with double cobra weave

Turkey Tote~    

 Adult size paracord turkey tote $20 
Measures 42" long 
Most turkey totes I've seen have a single strand of cord on the bottom with a simple slip knot which will stretch over time especially when wet. I chose to do braided throughout and chrome O rings to prevent the stretching and increase longevity and durability and still delivering at a price point of $20. The second photo is to show how the turkey tote is used when hunting. The tote creates a more natural, relaxed and easy carrying position. 

Durable and built to last turkey tote with braided paracord and chrome O rings

Competitor tote, single strand foot loops with slip knot

Over the Collar Pet Cotton Bandana~

These cute bandanas are so easy to slide on and off your pets collar. I prefer this kind of bandana for my dogs because there is no need for a knot that may not come out when you need it to from a traditional bandana causing a hazard to your pet. The cotton bandanas are double layered and don't fold under and roll like traditional bandanas either. For $8 plus reduced shipping of $2 your pet will look super cute sporting one of these! I also just ordered relatree camo and hunter orange to back it for the sporting pups! Sizes small, medium and large available! I will update when the camo/ orange is available.

Embroidered Towels 

Sacred Phases- $30 plus shipping 

Green Adirondack Wildlife- $20 plus shipping 

Blue Adirondack Wildlife -$20 plus shipping 

Thanks for Shopping with Country Creations check back for updated inventory or subscribe to the blog for email notifications !!